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Meet Lesley

External HR Consultant


Lesley is a skillful and dedicated People Operations and Organizational Development expert with 17 years of experience providing strategic and operational direction and oversight to the human resources and inner workings of small to medium sized organizations in a variety of industries. She loves strategizing how to make businesses work most efficiently with workforce planning, aligning people with the process, and executing new initiatives where needed.


  • Building and creating, then driving those programs and strategies “from scratch.”

  • Grit and stamina - Lesley knows what it takes to survive in the start-up world. She can strategize and stay calm during market shifts, constant changes in cash flow and budgetary demands, and thrive in on the spot re-evaluation of direction to meet the needs of the business.

  • People-first leader - Lesley has a proven track record of achieving and maintaining positive employee relations among the employee bases she has served.

  • Change management expert - Lesley provides top-notch support to her employee bases always, but especially during company restructuring, scaling, and divestitures.

  • Communications guru - Ability to create a unified employee base in multiple locations and across multiple states.

  • Loyal and trusted - Known as a dedicated and always accessible business partner by her employees, senior management teams, and executive teams.

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