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New York Weekly

HR Trailblazer Alexandra McGroarty Guides Others through Grief, Toward Success

In addition to winning industry awards and helping clients achieve their goals, award-winning Human Resources (HR) consultant Alexandra McGroarty, the author of “Bridging the Gap: Reducing Gender Bias in the Workplace,” has found time to write not two new books. The first, “So Now What, Harnessing Grief after Major Losses,” will be coming out in late summer; and the second, “Until We Meet Again, Leo,” will be released this fall. While the former is for adults and the latter is for children, both focus on how to cope with loss.

“My husband, Michael, passed away suddenly in 2021,” McGroarty explains. “‘So Now What, Harnessing Grief after Major Losses’ tells my personal story about navigating loss in the hopes it can help others on their journey in grief.”
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May 9, 2023

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