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Are you up-to-date on your HR Systems?

Human resources information systems (HRIS) software stores vital employee information for use across a business’s many human resources functions. When the HR team enters personal employee information related to payroll, benefits, time tracking, and performance for every employee into the system, that information is available for analysis, use across many systems and departments, and reporting (Brown, 2022).

HRIS platforms come in all sizes, but they are best suited to medium and large businesses. The software can be complicated and expensive to implement, so smaller companies may build similar capabilities from interconnected standalone options.

Using the data in an HRIS program, HR leaders and HRIS analysts can gain insights into HR processes and pass along metrics that are critical to business needs. An HRIS also ensures that a company complies with regional and federal regulations regarding employment documentation, benefits, pay, time off, and the secure storage of employee contact information (Brown, 2022).

Did you know, we have experience in recommending and implementing HRIS and Engagement platforms? We love to help our clients explore the best option for them when it comes to this important decision to house their team's data and metrics.

This year alone we have had the opportunity to work with Workday, UKG, Perceptyx, and BambooHR.

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