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Engaging a Professional Speaker and Trainer

Engaging keynote speakers generate experiences that become unforgettable for meeting attendees. They can have progressive solutions for complex problems, with lived experiences that tell a story that relates to the audience and their situation. They educate, motivate, and inspire new foundations of knowledge while reinforcing best practices (Speakers Bureau of Canada).

Alexandra answers questions during her interview with Kathy Orr at CCSNJ Women's Council

A Good KeyNote Speaker will:

  • Be regarded as an authority or thought leader in a particular field of study.

  • Regarded as a trustworthy source of information with educational tools people can use

  • Speak in an authentic way

  • The capacity to communicate and customize their materials for specific audiences.

  • Offer a list of professional references and examples of prior speeches.

  • Have a trustworthy and honorable reputation in an industry.

  • Be notable or recognized for their accomplishments.

  • Be able to identify disengagement and improvise on the fly

  • Have a professional approach before, during and after the event.

Alex McGroarty, author of Bridging the Gap- Reducing Gender Bias in the Workplace and upcoming works – So Now What, Harnessing Grief after Life’s Major Losses and Until We Meet Again, Leo, has had the opportunity to speak to a variety of industries, universities, and chambers as a keynote speaker on the topics of: gender equity, diversity, equity and inclusion and engagement of employees. Her experience and expertise in HR are welcomed by many as the result of her special ability to listen and the desire to help others. Many express the need for a deeper understanding of diversity, equity & inclusion which they hope will lead to feeling comfortable with the issues we deal with in life and the workplace.

By weaving in personal stories, Alex can take the audience through historical perceptions of gender equity, DEI and engagement, understanding of our biases and putting plans in place to forward equity and engagement within the workplace.

Do you need a keynote speaker or trainer in the space of DEI or engagement- reach out to McGroarty & Co. Consulting to further discuss.


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