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Executive Placement: Importance of Utilizing Experienced Recruiting Firm

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service provided to firms seeking highly qualified candidates for senior level and executive jobs across the public and private sectors, as well as non-profit organizations.

Executive Placement: Importance of Utilizing Experienced Recruiting Firm

Employers hire search firms to help them to fill their senior and high-paying positions with whom they have developed a trusting relationship. Building rapport takes time and effort, and these are some of the characteristics of knowing you have a reputable recruiting firm:

  • Understanding the size and scope of the organizations they have filled roles for – what industries does the search firm have experience with?

  • The culture of the companies they have successfully filled positions for

  • How long it took the firm to fill the organization’s open roles – how many finalists did they bring to the table? Did they ensure they had a diverse slate?

When considering engaging retained search, it is important to ensure the search firm can produce a pool of high-quality candidates that have been screened to ensure fit for role and the culture of the organization. Search firms can also assist the hiring manager by building capacity- the hiring manager no longer needs to take time to screen resumes, handle first round phone screens and schedule next round interviews. Search firms can also help the hiring manager craft a competitive offer and prepare for offer discussions.

Do you need to place a manager level or above role at your company? Reach out today if you need help making your next hire.


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