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How Can HR Accomplish a Smooth Transition in Mergers and Acquisitions?

HR plays an important role when an organization is going through a merger or acquisition. From supporting in due diligence to advising on engagement, change management and people communications – it is clear, your HR partner or consultant can be an asset in this transaction.

Some common areas HR can assist in are:

Trusted Data Advisor: HR has access to employee data which is integral to an M&A

transaction as leaders consider the downstream impacts of restructures or potential risks that may come with this type of deal.

Cultural Insight: HR has unique insight into the overall culture of the company, how different departments may function, strengths and opportunity areas in leadership, and where there may be cause for concern with employee relations

Coaching and mentoring that is based on training, skill and — maybe most importantly — the experience of working together with management. This enables HR to provide very specific coaching and mentoring, tailor-made to the individual manager that is going through the change an M&A will bring

To summarize the role of HR professionals during Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • Comprehensive due diligence in the HR space

  • Ensuring leaders are prepared to ensure they are taking the best from both cultures is one of HR’s biggest roles in the entire process

  • Supporting restructuring conversations with change management and communication planning in mind

  • Ensuring the right policies and procedures are in place to support restructured teams

If your organization is going through M&A, ensure you have the right HR team in place and at the table to function as an SME in the people space along with Legal and Operations. This will help an organization be as successful as possible as they enter this new phase.


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