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Human Resources 2023: Main Focuses and Strategic Partnerships

Reports from over 1000 HR professionals illustrate there are five key trends that are redefining HR’s role as a strategic partner as reported by McLean & Company. Some of those identified include: recruiting, developing leaders, controlling labor costs, attention to diversity, equity and inclusion, providing great employee experience, and enabling innovation. Most importantly, recruiting and employee experience remain the top priorities.

HR has seen increasing focus on being a strategic partner over the last several years. Business leaders expect HR to partner on 3 year strategic plans , inclusive of go-forward organizational design. While execution is still a focus for HR, there has certainly been a shift in prioritizing informing strategy.

Selecting the best HR Strategic Partner involves delving into their experience in: Coaching, relationship building, diversity, equity and inclusion, organizational development and design, conflict management, communication, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Stakeholder partnerships will be critical in 2023. The HR firm you’re with should possess skills such as: business and financial acumen, digital literacy and technology enablement, design thinking, branding and marketing, technical HR expertise, and change management experience. This needed professional advice and planning will lead to proficient and successful results for your organization.

If you are currently considering external HR support, reach out to McGroarty & Co. today to discuss a potential partnership.


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