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People Analytics- Making Data Driven Decisions

Often, I hear phrases such as, "We have a talent acquisition problem," or " We have a retention issue." My first question usually is "How do you know?" And about 75% of the time the response goes something like "Well my leaders are telling me..." or " I am hearing it at every Leadership Team Meeting." It's at that moment, I will start to ask, "But what does your data say?"

I get it - hiring is tough. In the era of quiet quitting (or not so quiet quitting), it can be quite costly to retain and hire in this day and age. This is where People Analytics can be an organization's friend.

People analytics can come from: Employee Engagement Surveys, Company Culture Surveys, Management and Leadership Surveys, Onboarding and Exit Surveys, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Surveys, Performance Management Surveys and even a savvy HRIS system. The data you extract from these can give you the information you need to take meaningful action in improving your organization's retention, culture, etc.

At McGroarty & Co., our lead consultant, Alexandra, is currently pursuing her SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) People Analytics Certification to further be able to best support our current and future client needs.

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