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Pointers Your Company May be Able to Utilize Celebrating National HR Day

Did you know, this past week, we celebrated National HR Day? Human Resources is such an

integral part of your organization and can help leaders be the driving force to a future that is

more inclusive, accepting, and sustainable.

Where can HR impact your business?

HR as the driver of business strategy by:

  • Ensuring you have access to the right talent with the right skills, at the right time.

  • Creating and maintaining a positive work culture in conjunction with leadership

  • Promoting DEI-B to ensure a culture of belonging and respect

  • Building a fair compensation system.

  • Advising business leaders and ensuring ethical behavior and understanding what is expected of them.

HR as a driver of engagement by:

  • Creating recognition programs for employees, and retention strategies to ensure employees feel welcomed and accepted.

  • Ensuring an engagement survey or feedback collection tool is in process and feedback is being actioned on by leadership

HR as an organizational change manager:

  • Implementing new technologies, organizational redesign, cultural transformation, or even creating a new department may require employees to adapt new working methods which can be stressful -HR plays a pivotal role in helping employees and leaders navigate with training change

There are so many areas HR creates a value impact- these are just a few of the key ways you can

engage with your HR Team or consultant to help drive organizational initiatives forward.


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