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Spring Cleaning : HR Edition

It is so refreshing when the Spring season comes around. The sun is shining, flowers and blooming, birds are chirping, and suddenly, we get the urge to embark on some spring cleaning. It feels great to purge our old clothes from our closets, organize that messy “junk drawer” in the kitchen, and sweep out the garage. Why wouldn’t we do that same organizing in the workplace?

Spring cleaning of your business’ HR Operations can take many forms. At McGroarty & Co., we suggest reviewing a few areas to evaluate what might need some purging, organizing, or updating.

I-9 files

Perform an internal audit of your I-9 forms.

  • Do you have a completed I-9 form for all current employees?

  • Verify that the employee signed and dated Section 1 no later than the first day of their employment.

  • Confirm the employee’s first date of employment is entered and accurate.

  • Terminated employees’ I-9s can be purged three years after hire or one year after termination, whichever is later.

Job Descriptions

Review your company’s job descriptions.

  • Do you have an accurate and current job description for each of your company’s active positions?

  • Are all the essential functions that the employee must perform, with or without reasonable accommodation, documented?

  • Has the FLSA status changed for any of the positions from exempt to non-exempt, or vice versa?

These are non-exhaustive and very brief lists of potential findings. If you’d like assistance executing a more all-encompassing evaluation of your HR Operations to scratch your spring cleaning itch, reach out to McGroarty & Co. today.

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