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The Benefits of Hiring a Fractional HR Consultant

Picture this: You’re tired from working 50+ hours per week, trying your best to conquer the endless to-do list of hiring, retention , payroll, benefits administration, and so on. But you know you must create a new performance review system after your management team had so many complaints about your current system last cycle, plus the I-9 audit you need to accomplish to ensure the company complies after you watched that scary webinar last month. Oh, and don’t forget the management training program your C-Suite wants implemented by the end of the year…

But how can you possibly get it all done unless you bunker down in your office, take all your meals at your desk, and ignore your family for the Q2 and Q3? Well, we have a solution.

At McGroarty & Co, we have a talented team of Fractional HR Consultants that can assist or completely take on any of the above-mentioned projects, and many, many more, including: talent acquisition, employee relations efforts, and organizational development strategy.

What is a Fractional HR Consultant?

A HR Consultant (Fractional) is an external HR expert that joins your organization on an hourly or project basis without the added cost of benefits and payroll taxes. The Fractional HR Consultant is perfect when you don’t have the budget nor want the burden of another employee on your team, you simply need some supplemental support.

If you think a Fractional HR Consultant would be beneficial for you or your team, reach out to McGroarty & Co. today.


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