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What is Executive Recruitment?

Executive Recruitment is a service that we offer to our clientele. By definition, it is "the creative linking force between a candidate and company—filling senior positions, advocating for candidates, and making life-changing connections."

We are all aware that finding employees has been difficult since the global COVID-19 pandemic. This task may not get any easier with time. The job of an executive search firm is to make that task easier for companies.

The four main roles an executive search firm plays are: account management, resume assessment, interviews, and relaying offers.

Account Management

When hiring an executive, part of the firm’s role is managing your company's accounts. This job may include: holding interviews for potential candidates, finding new candidates you may not know you needed, maintaining business relations, expanding business relations, and budgeting. When holding interviews their goal is to find the most qualified employees to fill the roles you may need. Business relations and development are integral parts of the process. Maintaining and expanding those relations help businesses grow. Your executive recruiter will look at your budgeting and inform you where your budgeting should change for your business's benefit.

Resume Assessment

Part of the role of an executive search firm is to look for potential future candidates. Your executive recruiter will look for the most qualified candidates to fill the positions your business may need. They review resumes and may reach out to candidates they see are the best fit.


Your executive recruiter will hold the interviews with the most qualified candidates. They will come up with interview questions or guides, make notes and give you the information to decide on the next steps after the interview.

Relaying Offers

After the interview is held and you decide to hire, the executive recruiter can help you come up with an offer. After the offer is made and the potential employee decides whether to accept or deny the offer they will help guide your new employee through offer paperwork and onboarding.

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