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What's Your Team Brand?

If you are simply aiming for a good culture at your organization you’re not differentiating yourself in this market. An organization or team that embraces values like integrity and teamwork is really no different from any other. They are popping up on just about every list of Core Values- no matter what industry. If you want to produce the kinds of specific outcomes that will allow you to differentiate your company, you need to define a unique culture and brand that cultivates the necessary kinds of colleague attitudes and behaviors.

When this is done well, there is a brand that goes along with your values and what you want to be known for. How do you want your team or company to be identified by potential colleagues, candidates and even those that move on to new organizations? You always want great Brand Ambassadors.

I absolutely love Denise Yohn's description of the types of brands your team or organization can have. (See below).

Do you have a team brand? If you don't, you should! Reach out today to discuss how McGroarty & Co. can help differentiate you in the market.

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