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Why Are So Many Women Leaving the Workplace?

We have seen a recent shift in the workplace. As evidenced in McKinsey & Company’s report on women in leadership and validated by Forbes, many women at the C-suite level are leaving the workforce at an unprecedented rate for reasons such as:

  • Little to no work-life balance leading to burnout

  • A lack of vision around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Underrepresentation in Leadership and lack of promotion opportunities

  • Poor leadership and flexibility

It is clear from these reports we have to do better. One area we can start to examine is development of managers and senior leaders. Development and coaching opportunities can play a key role in leveling the playing field by promoting: flexible workplace arrangements, acknowledging the importance of DEI strategies and ensuring an inclusive and supportive environment in the new way of working- be it hybrid or remote.

In 2023, organizations can continue to make progress on diversity in leadership with being mindful of these practices. We can’t get equality right in the workforce until companies seize the opportunity in front of them.


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