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Why Belonging should be a key consideration of any Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

What once was DEI, has now recently become DEI-B. Belonging is the aim to create a culture where individuals can be themselves when they show up to work each day and feel a sense of oneness within their teams and the organization. Belonging has been found to be a key driver of engagement and is a basic human need. It’s community and connection. It’s a shelter, a safe place, a place that anchors each one of us to this world. Belonging comes from the sense each person is free to be themselves, to express themselves.

Why is Belonging Important?

A 2019 survey by BetterUp found that:

  • Workplace belonging can lead to a staggering 56% increase in job performance.

  • It can also lead to a 50% reduction in employee turnover risk.

  • Workplace belonging can lead to a 75% decrease in colleague sick days.

  • A single incidence of micro-exclusion can lead to a 25% performance decline on a team project for the excluded individual.

Other studies have found similar things.

So, a sense of belonging can drive positive results for businesses, and lack of belonging can lead to more sick days and lower performance.

When we look at your organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and strategy- you can be sure we have belonging in mind.

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