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Employees have left the office and many aren't looking back

Maybe you’re reading this blog from your family room. Or your office. A nearby coffee shop or at the airport heading out for vacation. Or somewhere else entirely. The point is, many of us now h have options when it comes to where we complete our work — and that’s great news for all of us.

It’s a significant shift for businesses, too.

Increased flexibility around worker location opens doors to new talent pools, gains in

employee retention and countless other organizational opportunities. However,

despite this ongoing evolution in employees' work styles and larger conversations around

the Great Resignation, many organizations still struggle to keep staffers near and far

happy and engaged. In one way or another, we all feel the friction stemming from new

and varied work environments. It’s likely we each see the exciting possibilities within this

evolution as well.

In a recent Beezy and Appspace Report, it was found that employees’ expectations outpace organizational standards, and in many areas frustrations have intensified since 2021. In particular,

employee happiness levels aren’t growing as quickly as leadership hopes. While many

companies have made significant investments in workplace technology solutions, findings

from this year indicate implementation and rollouts are either incomplete or not being

leveraged to their full potential.

The task at hand is clear for organizations in 2022: It’s time for remote and hybrid work to, well, work better.

Key Findings:

1. 73% of employees now work in either a hybrid or fully remote setting, with nearly half (43%) working remotely full-time. What’s more, a third of workers (32%) hope to stay fully remote long-term — an 11 point increase from last year.

2. 63% of employees are now much more willing to work with a company offering flexibility in terms of working location, compared to only 55% in 2021.

3. 55% of employees are still unable to locate digital documents while working remotely this year, an ongoing frustration, down slightly from 59% in 2021

4. Just 20% of workers say they’re happy at work and getting happier — declining from 28% in 2021

5. Inconsistent tools and tech: The biggest challenge employees experienced with workplace tools/technologies in 2022? Not everyone at their company uses the same tools and technologies

As was the case in 2021, more and more employees are clamoring for permanent changes to the ways they work, and there’s growing impatience toward organizations unable to deliver on that expectation. In response, decision-makers must continue to evaluate areas where their companies’ existing technologies fall short, with the goal of making informed decisions about how to better connect staffers and empower teams to communicate, collaborate, and ultimately

enjoy their work.

Work Cited: Beezy's Workplace trends & insights report: Building a hybrid future that works for everyone

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