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Top Trends You’ll Need for Your Business to Get Ahead by 2030

Over the past 2 years, companies are working to diligently develop new and innovative ways to recruit for and retain employees that will help advance company priorities.

One of the top expressed desires by employees is flexibility. This seems reasonable considering the busy schedules that most have and the need to balance work/life daily routines. This balance or integration aids in the overall well-being of the employee and ultimately the employer. Tailoring the work experience to ensure a personalized approach encourages most people to do their best work.

HR strategists can assist in developing strategies around flexible work arrangements with employers. These consultants can serve as a coach to employers, by developing the methods in which to navigate situations, without sacrificing productivity.

On top of flexibility, helping to assess employee engagement through use of people analytics is something that the HR expert can help employers review and aid in developing strategies to retain and recruit for top talent. This data driven decision making will help drive business to the company’s next level/goal. We here at McGroarty & Co. Consulting, LLC have the experience to not only assess current processes in your business, but based on experience, are knowledgeable of tried and true methods to assist your company’s directional change if necessary.

Providing Company HR departments with knowledge and training will help the team develop the skills needed to get ahead from “forward-thinking” HR specialists.

Our team can help yours! By building strategies around and assessing the data your organization has on the new direction of remote work, empathy & well-being, and productivity tools, our expertise can be an asset to you.

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