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Why is it important to update your handbooks?

An employee handbook introduces new and current employees to their workplace's policies, practices, and culture. It serves as a helpful tool for employees and supervisors to understand and consistently adhere to organizational practices. It provides a foundation for handling employee performance management issues.

When new employees enter a new work environment and know what to expect, they become much more comfortable. Understanding their work environment allows them to feel a part of the new environment and workspace. Building a new employee handbook allows for the employee's onboarding questions to be answered providing the new employee with a sense of relief.

Having up-to-date employee handbooks gives employees a solid outline of what is expected of them and what their rights are. The handbook lays out both the obligations of the company to its employees and the employees to the company.

Handbooks also allow employees to reflect on their work and know what is expected of them when it comes to their work itself. Employees should be provided with what is expected of them so they have the opportunity to self-reflect and grow. The result of this is a better workspace, more work done, and the work that is done is done better. When your employees are happy their work reflects that directly.

Handbooks are very important to the foundation of a company. Make sure yours are up- to -date. McGroarty and Co. is offering a special in August for new and return clients -anyone who purchases an update to their current handbook or development of a handbook in the next 30 days will receive 10% off the final project price.

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