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Essential HR Activities for the Close of 2022

At the close of each year, there are always certain HR activities that should be of top focus for business owners and managers. While we should be focusing on engagement and compliance throughout the year, particular focuses at year-end include:

Updating Job Descriptions:

Job descriptions can become outdated and may need minor adjustments as you enter the new year. It is necessary to keep them compliant with ADA, and FMLA regulations to name a few, as well as other employment laws in your state.

JD Review and updates can help determine any additional training an employee may need and can help guide next year’s goal setting.

Updating Company Policies

Employee handbooks outline expectations and facilitate communication with employees. It is important to ensure you are legally compliant while customizing your handbook to your organization’s needs.

Conducting Performance Reviews

Providing evaluations of your employees’ performance can be measured either by ratings, objectives or goals met which will provide an accurate picture of an individual's performance against goals and business needs. Identifying an employee's performance will give them a picture of what they are currently doing and what they can do to further develop their skills and productivity.

It is key to discuss any barriers the employee may be experiencing and talk about expanding their skill set through training and learning opportunities

Review your Company Records and Retention Guidelines

It is important that HR departments be aware of their retention standards of keeping and purging certain records.

These guidelines include a certain length of time to keep records as well as types of records to retain. Some of these records include: ADA applications, I-9’s, Drug testing, OSHA forms, benefit plans, employee wage records and required medical examinations.

Review Compensation

The usual recommended practice of reviewing compensation is every two years, however, compensation review should occur more frequently if your organization has made a lot of changes, is searching for new types of talent, or adjusting for inflation

Researching comp surveys, geographical areas, and the number of employees who have participated in a survey can assist in obtaining reliable salary trends for specific positions.


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