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How Can Outplacement Services Benefit You?

Outplacement services are often offered to employee’s who have been laid off in an effort to assist them in preparing to find a new job. They often offer a focus on improving job skills needed for re-employment, like writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing and negotiating salaries. This is not only helpful to the employee in transition but can show just how much you care about how you are offboarding your team members. According to ADP, there is an uptick in employers offering outplacement services in severance packages.

Outplacement services:

  • Reduces unemployment costs by helping the person find a new job quicker.

  • Result in less unemployment claims thereby reducing the business’s unemployment insurance rates.

  • Offer peace of mind to an employee – knowing they will be assisted in transitioning into another job.

Outplacement is usually offered through a third-party organization that specializes in coaching and career transitions services. The following is to be considered by a business when selecting a company to provide services:

  • Outplacement can be conducted as a one-on-one, group, in-person, online or by phone.

  • The fees for outplacement services vary according to the types of services being provided and the number of employees receiving these services and there are several ranges offered to fit any company’s budgets.

  • Ensure that the outplacement company provides expert services (so checking truly effective job coaches, & the candidate’s industry as well as geographic area) that set themselves apart from those using standard resume templates and/or group coaching that may not be tailored to individual’s skill set.

If you should have questions about outplacement services or are interested in hearing more - contact us .


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