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Is Your Company Ready for Summer?

Oh, the bliss of summer – the pools are open, kids are out of school, and PTO requests are popping up like crazy. How can you best support your organization going into the summer months? As usual, McGroarty & Co. has got you covered.

Here are some unique summer benefits to consider:

  • Could your business stay supported while offering a compressed work week to your employees? Half of the staff could work four 10-hour days Monday through Thursday, and the other half could work four 10-hour days Tuesday through Friday, for example, allowing there to be coverage every day of the work week but also extreme flexibility for your staff.

  • If that is too daunting of an idea, have you ever heard of summer hours? Everyone works 9 hours Monday through Thursday and only 4 hours on Friday, resulting in a weekend that starts at noon! Instant smiles for your teammates!

  • What about allowing a relaxed dress code for the hotter months? Summer dresses, jeans, etc.?

  • Summer is a great time for a companywide event including families! Have a barbeque, a picnic, ice cream, and a fun time in the sun together!

As far as the abundance of PTO requests rolling in, consider how you manage your PTO policy. Is it first come first serve? Is there are maximum number of team members that will be approved in their department during a specific date range? Whatever you decide, be sure to administer consistently across the organization.

Summer is an awesome time to show your employees the love with some easy wins. Reach out to McGroarty & Co. today for more ideas and guidance.


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